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Responsible Person in GDP Standards

Course Mapping and Certification Service for Training Providers

The Responsible Person Gold Standard sets out an industry agreed framework that identifies the skills required by a Responsible Person in four skills areas. This spread of skills ensures that the role includes not only the traditional qualifications and technical requirements but also the behavioural skills required to do the job to a high standard. These include business improvement, leadership and communication. The training standard shows what good training entails to meet the Gold Standard competencies.

Responsible Persons play a vital part in ensuring the quality and the integrity of medicinal products are maintained throughout the distribution chain. It’s essential that they have the right knowledge, demonstrate competence and deploy the right skills so that patients and healthcare professionals have the confidence and trust to use medicines. We completely support the decision by industry to adopt the Gold Standard framework to standardise the requirements for the Responsible Person as it will generate a template for excellence in this role for the future.
Mark Birse, Group Manager GMDP Inspections at MHRA

Cogent Skills can now offer official recognition that your training meets these standards, as well as provide certificates which will feature the MHRA logo to individuals who have undertaken the assured Gold Standard training.

The Cogent Skills Gold Standard is a Competency Framework for individuals in the science based industries. The Cogent Gold Standards set an aspirational industry standard for expected levels of on-the-job performance. Training standards that are derived from the Gold Standards set out the learning objectives needed to achieve those levels.

It supports individual Continuing Professional Development (CPD), setting out the skills required for world class performance in key job roles.

When companies invest in up-skilling, one of the key factors to consider is the ability to demonstrate that delegates receive consistent quality training, and that learning outcomes are meaningful and measurable. This is particularly important in regulated industries such as the science industries.

One of the ways that companies can gain reassurance that delegates are being trained to a national level is to procure training that has been mapped to the learning objectives detailed in the training standards.

Cogent Skills is now able to map your Responsible Person course against the Medicinal Products training standard which will provide you with the ability to give your delegates certificates. The Training Standard can be supplied on request.

We can also host your course assessment on our online platform which will give your delegates a simple way to demonstrate their learning. If you are interested in this please ask for a quote.

How does it work?

As the custodian of Gold Standards and National Training Standards for the Responsible Person, we are expertly positioned to map your training. We can provide:

Analysis: We will provide you with the structure to review your current training and demonstrate how it meets the learning objectives and competencies identified in the standard.

Mapping: We will verify that your course maps to the standard.

Recognition: Once we confirm your course meets the standard, you will receive a Cogent Skills certificate stating that your training content has met the standard.

Certificates: Once you have demonstrated that your delegates have met the learning objectives, we will organise certificates for your delegates showing that they have had training that meets the training standard. This certificate will be validated with the Cogent Skills and MHRA logo.

The MHRA* also recognise the standards in the Orange Guide (Rules and Guidance for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Distributors.

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