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Process Safety Management Standards

The Cogent Skills Process Safety Management Training Standards define best practice and industry-wide training requirements for process safety awareness across the major hazard industries.

Process Safety Leadership for Senior Executives Standard was launched in 2011, followed by Process Safety Management Foundations Standard in 2012, for operational managers and supervisors, and Process Safety Management for Operations Standard in 2013 for front line operators and maintenance personnel.

The purpose of these Process Safety Training Standards is to provide a clear knowledge and understanding of the principles of process safety management across an organisation, and help organisations to develop and maintain a strong process safety culture.

The PSM Competence Programme Board meets bi-monthly and is committed to constantly building awareness of process safety and engaging major hazard businesses and industry sectors; an independent Expert Panel supports the quality assurance process for all course providers; and Board members have shared their vision through speaking at numerous industry events including three Process Safety Management Summits, in 2012, 2015 and 2018.

The initial goals have long been exceeded, and the programme has now successfully engaged 182 Upper and Lower-Tier COMAH sites, 115 non-COMAH sites and >15,500 individuals trained – with around 1500 of these in Leadership roles.

The development of these important standards has taken place in consultation with the employers, industry groups and where applicable the relevant trade, professional or training association or subject matter experts.

The PSM Training Standards provide a benchmark for employers to measure their in-house training and commercial provision against agreed best practice and are recognised by the Competent Authority

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