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Cogent Skills Partners and Associates

Cogent Skills works with a network of delivery partners and associates who deliver different solutions into the Science industries

Cogent Skills works with a network of delivery partners who deliver different solutions into the Science industries. The most specialised of these are the delivery partners and associates.

Delivery Partners and associates consist of high quality training partners who offer relevant solutions to Science Industry employers. Our delivery partners are experts in their field and have the skills to deliver high impact training onto the science industries, in particular Process Safety and Competency Management solutions.

There is a robust approach to the assurance process, which assesses the suitability of the training to the specific provision. Partners receive assurance for specified deliverables such as individual course and employer designed technical training programmes. The process is designed to ensure consistently high quality delivery and supports employers in their selections of provision.

Our quality checks are based on the ability of the partner in relations to being able to deliver a quality product. This includes feedback from employers and other relevant stakeholders as well as ongoing assessment outcomes, observations and satisfaction surveys. Individual trainers must demonstrate the skills and knowledge to deliver the training at the correct level; Trainers of process safety must present to the expert panel from the PSCMPB whilst Partners who deliver RP in GDP training must progress their course materials through the MHRA QA process.

Other Solutions delivered by the network partners range from courses, apprenticeships, qualifications and bespoke interventions for a range of Science Industry employers who operate in the wider Science Industries. Cogent Skills actively works with employers to increase the delivery of benchmarked skills in their organisations and the network is an important part of delivering the solutions.

Some of the key Cogent Associates and Delivery partners are listed below

  • ABS Consulting
  • Braben Consulting
  • Diamond Risk Management
  • Dutton Halewood
  • SLR Consulting
  • Ian Travers Ltd
  • Method Functional Safety
  • Redcar College
  • SeerPharma
  • Stopford Energy and Environment

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