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Process Safety Management for Site Champions

For major accident hazard organisations, business leaders and managers who are responsible for leading process safety implementation

This course has been designed to give delegates a detailed understanding of effective process safety / major accident hazard risk management and the positive role that they can play within this.

It will deliver a clear insight into building and maintaining a positive safety culture by generating  effective employee engagement and motivating the workforce, including how to identify and manage risk to the appropriate levels whilst enhancing operational effectiveness and business continuity.

Delegates will be guided on the measurement of the implementation, the effectiveness and the quality of a Process Safety Management System against their own standards, and taking into consideration external inspection requirements.

About the Course

This course is particularly suitable for major accident hazard organisations, and those that must actively demonstrate the control of hazards to people, their local communities or the environment.

It is ideal for business leaders and managers who are responsible for leading process safety implementation, monitoring and review, and those individuals charged with raising capability, awareness of and commitment to process safety within their own area or throughout the organisation.

Why is Process Safety important?

  • Incidents can kill and injure many people – Bhopal
  • Incidents can cause massive pollution – Deep Water Horizon
  • Incidents can cause major economic disruption – Buncefield

These incidents can severely damage a company’s reputation. They can have major financial impacts and companies can be “paralysed” in the aftermath. Companies and individuals can also be prosecuted.

Course Duration – 3 Day

How is it delivered?

This is a highly interactive 3-day course delivered by our quality assured Delivery Partners, using a combination of presentations, videos, incident case studies and group discussions to actively engage all participants.

Each trainer has a high level of Process Safety, Engineering, Operations Management, Continuous Improvement & Training experience within the high hazard industries.

Delegates will develop their own Action Plans that will aim to have a positive impact on your organisation’s Process Safety Performance and Operational Effectiveness.

You can join a course in your area or it can be delivered in-house for up to 10 delegates. The course can also be tailored in depth to include your specific company requirements and standards should you require. Prices are available upon request.

On completing the course participants will:

  • Understand how to implement an effective Process Safety Management System
  • Explain the key elements of such a system
  • Outline how to embed these elements
  • Demonstrate what can happen if these elements are not implemented properly
  • Reference good practice to support implementation
  • Demonstrate your commitment to Process Safety Improvement in preparation for inspections and monitoring visits
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