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Implementing Process Safety Leadership

For Senior Executives and Managers

Implementing Process Safety Leadership is a two part programme designed to support major accident hazard organisations to improve or accelerate the implementation of their process safety leadership principles.

As a result of the new Implementing Process Safety Leadership programme I will be raising Process Safety awareness to similar levels of occupational awareness by changing the current emphasis on site.
Steve Lyons, Plant Manager, Kemira

About the Course

Aimed at past delegates from our Process Safety Leadership and Process Safety Management Foundations courses or those well on the journey, this programme will help you to take stock of how well you are currently implementing process safety management within your organisation, and help you understand how to maximise the impact of your process safety training throughout the workforce.

Focusing on the leadership commitment to process safety and cultural behaviours, the programme will challenge the organisations priorities and culminate in an action plan to cover the next 12 months.

Implementing Process Safety Leadership has been specifically designed for senior executives and managers who are ultimately responsible for process safety performance within major accident hazard organisations.

For companies who want to

  • Refresh their understanding of process safety principles
  • Demonstrate their commitment to process safety
  • Develop and sustain a strong process safety culture within the business
  • Challenge their own priorities and actions to consider the impact of their decisions on process safety

This programme has been designed to meet the requirements of the Process Safety Leadership training standard developed under the direction of the industry, stakeholder and regulatory body members of the UK Process Safety Management Competence Programme Board (PSMCPB)

Course Duration – 2 Day

How is it delivered?

The IPSL programme is delivered by our quality assured delivery partners, who have extensive industry or regulatory body experience and are approved to deliver the Cogent Skills Process Safety courses. You can request the same provider that delivered your PSL/ PSMF course.

Organisations will nominate a Process Safety Champion to lead the internal process and work with our delivery partner to frame the structure of the IPSL Programme.

Your leadership team and managers will be asked to complete a self-assessment which is mapped to Process Safety Leadership training standard. This will establish a benchmark for review during the IPSL programme, and can provide a reference point for future reviews.

During the IPSL Preparation day, process safety areas for improvement will be identified and discussed. The content of the follow on IPSL workshop will be identified. The IPSL Workshop will run involving the identified leadership team addressing issues identified on the preparation day.

The programme will conclude with action planning focusing the organisation on its journey to consolidate and improve process safety leadership over the next 12 months.

IPSL Preparation Consultation Day

Your Process Safety Champion will work with our delivery partner to take stock of where the organisation is in relation to the implementation of process safety management, with the opportunity to conduct a confidential online survey of your leaders and managers to evaluate the current levels of awareness, understanding and commitment to process safety.

Objectives for the IPSL Workshop will be identified to deliver improvements in the organisations process safety culture. Delegates for day 2 will be agreed.

IPSL Workshop Day

The aim of the IPSL Workshop is to refresh the leadership and management commitment to process safety; address minor gaps in knowledge or understanding; revitalise the organisation’s approach to process safety, and identify appropriate tools or techniques to help implement improvements in process safety within the work place.

The workshop session will make use of the findings from the online survey to promote discussion on the current levels of understanding and commitment to process safety within the business and will conclude with the production of updated individual and organisation level action plans.

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What Our
Clients Say

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As a result of the new Implementing Process Safety Leadership programme I will be raising Process Safety awareness to similar levels of occupational awareness by changing the current emphasis on site.

Steve Lyons, Plant Manager, Kemira

Implementing Process Safety Leadership has provided me with a greater awareness of process safety which I will implement first back on site.

Jon West, Commercial Manager, Calachem

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