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Human Factors Management Systems

Minimising the risk of human error within high hazard industries

We will Review, Design, Implement and Benchmark your business’ policy and procedures systems

Regulatory Inspectors need businesses to demonstrate that they have access to competent Human Factors support. This can be an internal or external resource.

Cogent Skills is your accredited external expert resource. Our consultants are Chartered Human Factors Practitioners (C.ErgHF)

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Demonstration of a robust Human Factors (HF) management system is required by major accident hazard site regulators but also has significant business benefits to any company.

Our Human Factors framework improves your safety critical operational performance, especially where human failure tasks could result in a Major Accident To The Environment (MATTE). All projects adhere to the:

COMAH Competent Authority Inspecting Human Factors at COMAH Establishments
(Operational Delivery Guide) and includes:

  • Managing Human Performance
  • Human Factors in Process Design
  • COMAH-Critical Communications
  • Design and Management of Procedures
  • Competence Management Systems
  • Managing Organisational Factors

What is Human Factors?
Human Factors refer to environmental, organisational and job factors, human and individual characteristics, which influence behaviour at work in a way which can affect health and safety.

Human Factors is about the interaction between humans and systems – that can affect behaviour and result in safety, environmental and business risk

Regulatory Need

COMAH requires that every operator must take all measures necessary to prevent major accidents and limit their consequences for human health and the environment. Where reliance is placed on people as part of those necessary measures, human factors and human reliability should be addressed with the same rigour as technical and engineering measures. Duty-holders at non-COMAH sites may be required to address HF with a similar degree of rigour under other legislation – including COSHH5 – if they rely heavily on people to manage high-hazard risks.

COMAH Competent Authority, Inspecting Human Factors at COMAH Establishments (Operational Delivery Guide)

The Benefits

Positive outcomes of a robust Human Factors System can include:

  • Reduces the risk of human error incidents and accidents
  • Compliance to COMAH / Seveso III regulatory requirements
  • Keep your ‘License to Operate’
  • Enhances safety systems
  • Environmental compliance – helps you to maintain your environmental license
  • Improved operational and business efficiencies
  • Improves operator effectiveness, people and asset management
  • Improves personal safety and health
  • Improves staff morale and enhances operator well-being
  • Preparedness for regulator inspections
  • Products delivered on time, at cost Reduced risk of a Major Accident To The Environment (MATTE)
  • Reduces the risk of accidental shutdowns / business loss
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What Our
Clients Say

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We engaged Cogent at the start of our Human Factors journey as our competent consultant. Their approach was very well received by all levels, with great feedback - really got the message across on what was an unfamiliar concept to much of our team. Cogent understood our needs very quickly and offered exactly the right approach - that still continues to deliver success.

Head of Safety, Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

Our inspector stated that she was more than happy with our choice of Cogent Skills’ Competent Human Factors consultant. We have developed a positive working relationship with no plans to change.

Head of EHS. Pharmaron, Cramlington

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