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Competence Management System Development

For Senior Management

Building on our best practice guidelines developed in partnership with industry, our expert consultants will support you to establish internal capability and apply best practice in competence management across your business. Through a series of workshops, we will provide you with the tools and techniques to progressively grow your approach from initial task analysis through to the operation and maintenance of a sustainable competence management system.

Working with your senior management team and your internal CMS Project Team, Cogent Skills Services will facilitate an initial resourcing workshop to confirm the project scope, internal project leaders, staff resource, milestones and timescales to complete the CMS development.

The project plan will typically cover the following stages at six to eight week intervals:

  • A resourcing workshop to develop a detailed project plan followed by mapping your existing systems and processes
  • Task identification
  • Task criticality analysis
  • Assign tasks to roles
  • Identification and analysis of current training provision
  • Mapping training interventions to tasks
  • Preparing generic competence assessment criteria
  • Preparing for assessment of specific competence
  • Maintaining competence

At each stage, we will deliver a focussed workshop to train the project team in the use of the relevant processes, tools and techniques needed for that stage.

We will support them to establish and confirm their understanding, knowledge and ability to complete each stage in the CMS development process. In addition to the structured workshops we can offer remote interim support to ensure the project is progressing satisfactorily and achieving the agreed milestones.

At the end of this development process you will own a robust CMS, can apply and maintain the CMS across the organisational structure, demonstrate the competence of the workforce is up to date, and be capable of responding to changes in the business that may affect the safe performance of its operations.

What will I learn?

On completion of the CMS Development, you will understand:

How to build a resource efficient, maintainable CMS system

  • based on tasks and detailing the resources needed, clearly linked to the site risk assessments
  • the resources needed to make the CMS successful and sustainable, and the timescales to achieve this

All tasks that have to be carried within the organisation, by both the client and contractors, and

  • the risk levels associated with all tasks that have to be carried within the organisation
  • the tasks required to be carried out within each role within the organisation
  • the level of criticality for each task
  • that there are no ‘orphan’ tasks

How to assign known training interventions to tasks

How to undertake a Gap Analysis for each role profile to:

  • prioritise training
  • develop individuals
  • develop company training plans and budget for priority training
  • aggregate training needs up to get the best return on investment

How to increase organisation capability to:

  • manage competence
  • define competence and training requirements for new / changed roles
  • ensure MoC improvements are related to changes in role

How to ensure generic and specific competences can be assessed for each task within each role, which all safety critical tasks have been identified and prioritised, and an appropriate and competent assessment resource is in place.

The importance of tasks and assessments being reviewed and refreshed subject to the criticality and frequency of use.

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