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Cogent Skills Solutions consultancy services have been developed alongside science industry employers, are underpinned by industry guidance and are focused on helping you to address industry specific technical, safety and regulatory requirements and the workforce competence issues faced by the science industries.

Gain Confidence in your Workforce Competence

Our portfolio of competence management solutions is designed to help businesses examine and improve their workforce Competence Management System policies and procedures; competence management & staff assessment resource and capability; and contribute to improvements in their business performance, management of their major hazards or business risks and achieving their business objectives.

Our services include a Competence Management System Review based on industry best practice guidelines for Competence Management, and independent benchmarking against HSE inspection guidelines. With a strong track record in helping businesses with Competence Management System Development, our key focus is in supporting our clients to identify those tasks that are most critical to their ongoing commercial success and the safe operation of their business processes. Adopting a bespoke approach for each business, we will identify strengths and areas for improvement within existing systems, develop the tools and techniques and equip key personnel with competence management and assessor competencies

The development and assurance of workforce competence and the establishment and maintenance of an effective competence management system require an ongoing commitment to completing and updating task analysis and criticality analysis, developing assessment criteria, completing competence assessments and above all, time, know-how and commitment from all levels of the business.

With a complimentary initial consultation to establish which elements of the service will most suit your specific needs, we will work with you to identify the best support options based on your current position, the capacity and capability of your own internal resources and required timescales to achieve improvements. Our service is completely flexible and we are always happy to discuss skills requirements and offer practical solutions to your consultancy development needs.


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