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Cogent Skills is an external expert provider of Human Factors management solutions

Regulatory Inspectors need businesses to demonstrate that they have access to competent Human Factors (HF) support. This can be an internal or external resource. Our consultants are Chartered Human Factors Practitioners (C.ErgHF).

Cogent Skills is your EXTERNAL expert resource

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Board Members, Directors, Managers and Supervisors – responsible for the Human Factors to manage human failures.

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Definition by the HSE Competent Authority on Human factors: Managing human failures

Everyone can make errors no matter how well trained and motivated they are. However in the workplace, the consequences of such human failure can be severe. Analysis of accidents and incidents shows that human failure contributes to almost all accidents and exposures to substances hazardous to health. Many major accidents eg Texas City, Piper Alpha, Chernobyl, were initiated by human failure. In order to avoid accidents and ill-health, companies need to manage human failure as robustly as the technical and engineering measures they use for that purpose.

The challenge is to develop error tolerant systems and to prevent errors from initiating; to manage human error proactively it should be addressed as part of the risk assessment process, where:

  • Significant potential human errors are identified,
  • Those factors that make errors more or less likely are identified (such as poor design, distraction, time pressure, workload, competence, morale, noise levels and communication systems) – Performance Influencing Factors (PIFs)
  • Control measures are devised and implemented, preferably by redesign of the task or equipment

This Key Topic is also very relevant when trying to learn lessons following an incident or near miss. This also involves identifying the human errors that led to the accident and those factors that made such errors more likely – PIFs

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